Pinol : Poems by Sayra Pinto

pinolPinol: Poems
by Sayra Pinto
Shabda Press

Reviewed by David Giver

Everyone of us, no matter if we believe in it still or not, grew up with a creation myth.  These myths were made such a big part of our lives that for a long time, if not still, they were a known truth.  A truth that could not easily be lost.

Sayra creates, with her poems, her own creation myth, and like the creation myths we know, some of the details are borrowed from a shared past, while others are the creation of a life that can be said to be lived, to this point, in full.  It would be easy to read this as a myth and nothing more, but Sayra adds voices from the present to her past, and this juxtaposition of new and old brings a vitality to the ancient and a credibility to the present.  This is no easy task, but one that the poet does not shy away from.

Sayra speaks of a past and present that most would not allow to see the light of day.  It is shown in its fullness, not judging it as right or wrong, as good or bad, but as a truth that makes her, that explains her.  So many of us live a partial life, hiding from ourselves and others those things that are not pretty.  Sayra shows us a full life and the beauty that such a life can bring; it is triumph over a not so pristine past and a recognition that the future is what we make of it, not what others expect it to be for us.

Pinol is a welcome addition to this world so in need of truth.  Maybe this little piece of truth can build within each person that reads it, and with that build a revolution of truth that will do nothing more than change this world in which we live.  We are a community of beings that have grown further and further apart, and that separation leads not to good ends…

Pinol: Poems is available at:  Barnes and Noble or  Powells.


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